Nicholas Britell - Succession: Season 1 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack) - Vinyl LP

Nicholas Britell - Succession: Season 1 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack) - Vinyl LP

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Succession is an HBO satirical drama that follows the fictional Roy family headed by the patriarch / media mogul Logan Roy. The acclaimed series centers on its four children as they attempt to keep their empire afloat, while also jockeying for position to run the company (and thus the family) when Logan moves on.

The music for Succession comes from none other than Nicholas Britell (Moonlight, Vice, The Big Short). The smart mix of classical elements with straight hip hop beats and ingenious arrangements have led the Main Title Theme to be nominated for an Emmy. The full score to Season 1 is finally available on vinyl for fans of the show and Nicholas Britell around the world. The vinyl release of Succession is pressed on a single black vinyl disc.


A1. Succession (Main Title Theme)
A2. Adagio in C Minor
A3. Minuet in B Minor
A4. Andante in C Minor
A5. Strings Con Fuoco
A6. Clarinets and Strings
A7. Serenade in E-Flat Major
A8. Bell Atmospheres
A9. Waystar Royco Corporate Identity - "Feel It!"
A10. Strings + 808 + Beat
A11. Theme Variation - Piano, Orchestra, 808
A12. Allegro in C Minor
A13. Dark Minuet
A14. Andante Con Moto - Strings in E-Flat Minor

B1. Andante in C Minor - Solo Piano
B2. Succession - End Title Theme - Strings and Winds Variation
B3. Andantino for Brass and Orchestra in B Minor
B4. A Piacere - Orchestra
B5. Bell and Pizzicato Fantasia
B6. Power - Instrumental
B7. Succession - End Title Theme - Brass Quintet Variation
B8. Mysterium - Strings
B9. Austerlitz - Allegro Moderato
B10. Austerlitz - Allegretto
B11. Million Dollar Home Run
B12. Succession - End Title Theme - Piano and Cello Variation